Operation VALERIAN

In May 1995, Jacques Chirac running for the Presidency of France promised that if elected, he would end the moratorium on testing of nuclear devices.  He won the election and announced on 13 June that between September 1995 and May 1996 there would be a new series of eight tests at Mururoa Atoll. Operation VALERIAN was…

Arctic Star Medal

The Arctic Star was granted for operational service of any length north of the Arctic Circle (66 degrees, 32’N) from the 3rd September, 1939, to the 8th May, 1945, inclusive.  The Arctic Star is intended to commemorate the Arctic Convoys and is designed primarily for the ships of the convoys to North Russia and their Escorts. 

Albert Medal

The Albert Medal was first instituted by Royal Warrant in 1866. The rationale was to acknowledge those “heroic actions performed by mariners and others to prevent such loss [of lives at sea] and to save lives the lives of those who are in danger of perishing by reason of wrecks and perils of the sea…”