The Navy Museum holds a unique collection of objects, many in storage, ranging from functional to ceremonial that represent a full range of events and experiences about the Royal New Zealand Navy.

About Our Collection

The Navy Museum holds a unique collection of objects that tell the story of New Zealand’s Navy.  These objects are of a functional, ceremonial, social, spiritual, and cultural nature and serve to represent the full range of events, experiences and responsibilities of our Navy.

Donating to our Collection

The Museum welcomes offers of donations.  As well as naval material relevant to the operation of the RNZN ship’s artefacts and instrumentation, the Museum also collects social and personal items that illustrate the lives of our naval personnel, both at sea and ashore.

Regretfully, the Museum cannot accept every offer of donation, although we are grateful for all such generous offers.  The Museum must be selective in what it chooses to collect so that we can channel our resources into properly caring for collection objects entrusted to us.

If you wish to donate an artifact to the Navy Museum please contact our Collections Manager through our contact page, or by emailing them at