Gallery Activities

Treasure Hunt

A colourful gallery map activity where children hunt down and mark the location of 25 items in the galleries while completing a gallery maze. Kids keep a cool Museum pencil. Cost: $1

Salty Sea Dogs Activity Book

This activity book is for use in our galleries to enrich and educate. Some activities must be done in the galleries, others can be done at home to continue the fun. With 15 activities, there is plenty to do. The Salty Sea Dogs Activity Book comes with a pencil, temporary tattoo and orgami paper. Just $4 per book.

Please purchase your gallery activities at Museum Reception

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Holiday Programmes

Spin & SeeIMG_0366

Ever heard of a thaumatrope?

Join us to discover the magic.

You may not have heard of a thaumatrope, but we’re sure you have heard of movies, animation and cartoons. Thaumatropes were popular toys in the 19th Century. They lead to moving images being possible for the first time and started the world on the road to cinema. (more…)

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Fun and Games

I’m a doll from the ship HMS Leander.

Looking for something to do at home?  Why not try one of our fun activities?

Whether it is a code cracker, Navy Slang guide, colouring page or dot to dot there is something for everyone.

Kids, be sure to ask your parents before downloading anything. (more…)

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