Fun and Games

I’m a doll from the ship HMS Leander.

Looking for something to do at home?  Why not try one of our fun activities?

Whether it is a code cracker, Navy Slang guide, colouring page or dot to dot there is something for everyone.

Kids, be sure to ask your parents before downloading anything.

Just click on the name of the PDF to download the activity of your choice. If you want to choose a different activity or return to the Fun and Games page, use the back arrow in your web navigation bar.  Remember to ask an adult before you print. (Parents – if you cannot open PDF files, make sure you have Acrobat Reader installed.)

Colouring Sheet [pdf 1,624 kb]
Colour in a Crossing the Line Certificate and be admitted into Neptunes’ Kingdom!

Dot to Dot 1 [pdf 847 kb]
Do a dot to dot.  What will it be?

Dot to Dot 2 [pdf 165 kb]
Another dot to dot, this time a bit more challenging.

Jackspeak Dictionary [pdf 16 kb]
A kids’ guide to Jackspeak, Navy slang