Manny’s Treasures

A rating from HMS New Zealand holds a monkey on his shoulder

Naughty Manny the Monkey has hidden treasures through the Museum. Do you and your students have the keen eye to find them?
Come and explore the Museum’s galleries, find the treasures, and earn stamps as you go.

Having ships’ pets or mascots is a naval tradition which is no longer practiced. However, one of the most enduring images of ships’ pets is that of a monkey sitting on the shoulder of a HMS New Zealand rating.  We have named this monkey Manny and created a programme, incorporating the principles of Te Whariki, sending children on a treasure hunt through the galleries.

We start in the classroom and learn a bit more about the ships’ pets and the artefacts that we will search for.  Then in small teams, children search the galleries to find the artefacts and earn stamps.  During the gallery stage, children are utilising their decision making skills, teamwork skills, and emerging negotiation skills.

The programme addresses the following strands of Te Whariki:
Contribution – Mana Tangata
Communication – Mana Reo
Exporation – Mana Aoturoa

Duration: 1 hour
Maximum number per session: 30
Suitable ages: 2-5 yrs
Cost: $2 per child