Torpedo Bay Navy Museum Medal Display

You can use this section of the website to browse the Royal New Zealand Navy's Medal Collection.

Either use the dropdown boxes on the right to choose a display number or name, or the Search box below it to search for a particular name or medal. 

Note: Where possible these medals are displayed as they were received by the museum. This shows how they were mounted and worn by their recipient (or their family). Consequently some are mounted incorrectly or out of order; others are incomplete sets where the medal might have been lost or never claimed.

The condition of the medals in themselves tells a tale: some are battered and chipped with faded and tattered ribbons - worn over the course of many, many years to naval parades and functions; some are highly polished and hanging from new ribbons - carefully maintained and worn annually by service personnel, or their proud families, on ANZAC days; others were never worn or mounted - received by the family posthumously and tucked away for safe keeping, a poignant reminder of lost loved ones.