New Zealanders who served with the Royal Naval Air Service 1914-1918

Read a list of New Zealanders who served with the RNAS between 1914-1918.

Name                                      Unit                                         Fate

Captain Harold Beamish         3 Naval/203 Squadrons          Survived ace with 11                                                                                                                           kills

Flight Sub-Lt Thomas Culling 1 Naval Squadron                   Ace shot down and                                                                                                                         killed 6/1917 6 kills

Flight Lt. Samuel Dawson       RNAS Seaplanes                    Killed in Accident                                                                                                                               17/9/1919

Captain Euan Dickson            5 & 10 Naval/205 Squadrons  Survived ace with                                                                                                                              14 kills

Lieutenant Samuel Hanna      RNAS Armoured Cars            Survived

Lieutenant John Macky          RNAS Armoured Cars            unknown

Lt. Basil A.N. Wood                 RNAS Armoured Cars            Survived