RNZN Ships that Visited Antarctic

The following includes a list of ships and their role in Antarctica expeditions.


1955-1958 Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition (Support Party)

HMNZS Endeavour I November 1956 – February 1957

1956-1957 HMNZS Pukaki & Hawea undertook escort for Endeavour and then carried out scientific duties in the Southern Ocean.

1957-1958 New Zealand Antarctic Research programme

HMNZS Endeavour I November 1957- March 1958

HMNZS Kaniere visits Campbell Island

1962 – 1971 Scott Base Antarctic Operations

HMNZS Endeavour II from 1962 to 1971

HMNZS Endeavour II February 1971 – March 1971

At this point HMNZS Endeavour II was paid off from RNZN service. Since then no RNZN vessel has visited the Antarctic until 2011 when the OPV HMNZS Wellington went to the ice.