Visitor Feedback

We do follow up on your experience! Here are some of our visitor’s comments.

              I think… this museum is amazing, learned heaps.
Very well organised place with the space you have.

I remember… the ANZAC spirit is truly unbreakable – side by side,
united. We owe them everything. Much Love & Respect. – Greg, Adelaide

I think… that everything in this amazing museum is  well… amazing. It was
a privilege to experience looking at it. – Corrin

I think… it is the most beautiful museum I have ever been to so I
will go back again with my girlfriend. – Khaled, Saudi Arabia



I think… this place is interesting and that it deserves
more attention. Also very educating for children my
age and under. – Stefanie, Sydney

I think… this was a very moving experience – thinking of my father
who served all through the war. – Angela, England