Welcome to the National Museum of the Royal New Zealand Navy’s online resource telling the little known story of New Zealand’s and New Zealanders’ involvement in the sea war of World War One.

New Zealand and New Zealanders were heavily engaged in the sea war of World War One. From HMS Philomel to HMS New Zealand and her involvement in the major sea battles at Heligoland Bight, Dogger Bank and Jutland. To Zeebrugge, where many young New Zealanders were decorated for bravery. Notable was the service of great New Zealanders such as William Sanders VC, Bernard Freyberg VC and Alexander David Boyle.

New Zealanders served in coastal motor launches, the Royal Naval Air Service, The Royal Naval Divisions, the Royal Naval Armoured Car Service and ships throughout the Royal Navy; many young New Zealanders performed with great distinction in the sea war of World War One, as well as many who unfortunately perished.

New Zealand’s World War One sailors’ commitment, courage and service can not be ignored. It is essential that their story is told and their sacrifice is commemorated alongside the soldiers and airmen of World War One. We hope it honours the commitment, courage, service and sacrifice of the hundreds of young men and women who left New Zealand to serve at sea in World War One.