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Battle Honours Board

honours board

Name / Title  Battle Honours board


Battle Honours board made to mark HMS New Zealand’s participation at the Battle of Jutland in May 1916. Likely to have been made by the Royal Navy dockyard, UK (or possibly on board ship) following the Battle of Jutland, it was mounted on the ship’s super structure during its naval service and removed when the ship was broken up in 1922. Presumably amongst the various objects which were sent back to New Zealand after the ship was scrapped, it eventually came to be in the possession of the RNZN.

Dimensions -Circa 1080 x 350 x 265 (w x h x d)
Weight: 16kg

Other Information
Owned by the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) and registered as a Fleet Trophy (fleet
trophy collection is administered by the Navy Museum).
On long-term display in St Christopher’s Chapel, HMNZ Naval Base, Devonport.

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