Name / Title  Piupiu


Piupiu gifted to Captain Halsey (Royal Navy) of HMS New Zealand when the ship visited New Zealand in 1913. HMS New Zealand was a battlecruiser, funded by the Government of New Zealand, and commissioned into the Royal Navy in 1912.

It is uncertain as to which Māori chief presented the piupiu but it may be Te Arawa or Ngai Tahu.

The prophecy given at the time it was presented was that if worn in battle it would protect the ship. Worn by the Commanding Officer (Halsey) at the battles of Dogger Bank and Heligoland, and by Captain Green at the Battle of Jutland, 1916.

Left by Admiral Halsey to his daughter, Miss Ruth Halsey. Bequeathed in her will to return to New Zealand. Received by Navy Museum July 2005.

Dimensions – Mounted on backing 1167 x 735 mm

Other Information
Owned by Trust Board of the National Museum of the Royal New Zealand Navy (Navy Museum).
Formerly on long-term display at the Navy Museum, Torpedo Bay, Devonport.

Details of any publication
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