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Meet Lea

Meet Lea – Museum Guide Host

What attracted you to working at the Navy Museum?

Because I live across the road I was already very aware of the Museum. Growing up I was surrounded by military stories, as my father had trained as a pilot in the RAF during World War Two, but unfortunately he had an accident and wasn’t able to continue flying.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The variety. I get to be a teacher and a student.

Name the most unexpected fact you have learnt since taking up your role at the Navy Museum?

Finding out that the Long Lance Torpedoes used by the Japanese in World War Two were the most deadly weapon in use at the time. This makes the damage control efforts of HMNZS Leander’s crew to ensure the survival of the ship, after she was hit by a Long Lance Torpedo at the Battle of Kolombangara in July 1943, even more incredible! One of the more distressing facts I’ve learnt is that the hammocks sailors slept in were also used as their coffin, if they died whilst at sea.

Name your favourite object in the Navy Museum and explain why you chose it.

The Motor Torpedo Sight invented by LT CDR George J (Jim) Macdonald known as Mac. Without this small, but significant invention the Allies would have had far more misses than hits. Read more about Mac and his invention.

What’s the most memorable thing you have done since you’ve been at the Navy Museum?

Taking the D-Day veterans on a tour and making them smile.

How do you enjoy spending your time outside work?

Walking my dog along Cheltenham Beach. I’m also obsessed with design and spend hours trawling design website and instagram accounts. I enjoy cooking and have a plethora of beautiful cook books that I look through each week, to find something to delight my family with.

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