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Meet Jasmine

What attracted you to working at the Navy Museum?
I’d taken my family to the museum a few times and really liked the atmosphere. It seemed warm and inclusive, and I thought it would be a fun place to work.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Being an Educator at the Navy Museum gives you the freedom to be creative in what you teach to students, which I really love. Also, you get to work with lots of different groups of people, from young kids learning about medals to adults learning about tying knots.

What do you enjoy least?

All of the different computer and printing systems. Technology is not being my friend at the moment!

Name the most unexpected fact you have learnt since taking up your role at the Museum.

While on a tour of the ANZAC frigate Te Kaha, I learned that their main gun could reach the airport from Devonport and have the precision to hit a Mini car with accuracy. Wow! (Don’t worry, I’m sure they aren’t planning to carry out anything like that.) Also, 34 pigeons were awarded military medals during World War Two. What great birds!

Name your favourite object in the Museum and explain why you chose it.

I really like the denim jacket that is in the new exhibition, Over Seas, Objects from Around the World. It’s so pretty, I would love to break it out of its glass case and take it for a spin on a Friday night.

What’s the most memorable thing you have done since being at the Museum?

Definitely the tour of the frigate Te Kaha and meeting the Commanding Officer. She was really inspiring.

Name the funniest moment since you joined the Museum?

I can’t think of one specifically. There are many funny moments with colleagues. Particularly on a Friday morning when our room in the office is used to host the weekly “team meeting”, which is Navy Museum code for telling stories and jokes, drinking coffee and eating chocolate biscuits.

How do you enjoy spending your time outside work?

I like to walk my dog and children at the beach and explore the rockpools. I also enjoy propagating house plants.

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