Judy, A Dog in a Million

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Judy, A Dog in a Million


From runaway puppy to the world’s most heroic dog.

When the diminutive British gunboat HMS Grasshopper was sent to rescue a besieged island fortress, little did the ship’s crew know how the ship’s mascot – a beautiful liver-and-white English pointer adopted as a stray puppy – would come to their rescue.  This is the extraordinary story of how Judy saved countless lives, earning the reputation of being truly a dog in a million.

Whether she was dragging men to safety from the wreckage of a torpedoed ship, fighting off sharks and crocodiles, or heroically defending her fellows from the excesses of Japanese prison guards, Judy’s staggeringly brave acts brought salvation and hope.  Cherished and adored by the servicemen who became her inseparable family, at war’s end Judy would justly be awarded the Dickin Medal, the ‘Animal VC’.

By turns heart-breaking, thrilling and laugh-out-loud hilarious, Judy’s story is a hugely uplifting tale.  It will melt the hearts of animal lovers and history buffs everywhere, embodying one of the great undiscovered sagas of WWII.

‘The extraordinary story of the only animal POW held during the Second World War’.  Sunday Times.

‘The dog of war whose sixth sense saved hundreds of British lives’.  Daily Mail.