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Kids Create – At Home At War

For the 2014 Kids Create programme, the Navy Museum engaged five secondary schools to research, plan and produce a patchwork quilt to be displayed in an exhibition titled, At Home at War. A total of 12 classes, 280 students and 13 teachers were involved in the project. Navy Museum Educators visited each class four times, delivering workshops on First World War artefacts, history, textile art techniques, and exhibition design. Some classes embraced traditional quilting. Some used the quilt as a compositional device and used other fabric art techniques. One school chose to paint their quilt. Another school chose to use hard technologies such as copper lettering and acrylic cuts to convey their stories. The exhibition opened on the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War and formed part of the Museum’s First World War Centenary Programme.

Here’s what the students said about the project.

One thing I learned from this project is how grateful I should be for the people that went to war for their family, country and for me. I am truly humbled by this and it inspires me to do greater things in life.

Overall this project was a great learning experience and I feel by going outside my comfort zone with the materials I used and how I portrayed the themes of the home front, I have developed as an artist.

During this project I was able to learn a lot about my great grandfather. Doing my research I was able to discover many things about him and see many of his belongings related to the war that my grandfather and uncle had. This project has inspired me to learn more about my great grandfather and his participation in the First World War, as I have found a great interest in it.

I really enjoyed working on this collaborative artwork with my class because I love seeing everyone’s personal ideas and stories go into their artwork then seeing all of our pieces of art come together forming one big artwork that is so touching and an amazing way to remember 100 years since World War 1.

Applique work from embroidery workshop, Liston College
Student workbook and embroidery
At work during an embroidery workshop
Student quilt square, St Mary's College
Final quilt artwork, St Cuthbert's College
Student workbook and embroidery, St Cuthbert's College
Student work, St Cuthbert's College
Student quilt square, St Mary's College
Final quilt artwork, Liston College
Final quilt artwork, St Mary's College
Student quilt square, Papatoetoe High School
Student embroidery work
Final artworks, Manurewa High School
Final artwork, Papatoetoe High School
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