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80th Anniversary WRNZNS

Celebrating 80th Anniversary of WRNZNS

In celebration of the 80th Anniversary of the formation of the Women’s Royal New Zealand Naval Service (WRNZNS) on 11th April, 1942, we have curated a selection of objects and images to commemorate their invaluable contribution to the Royal New Zealand Navy from 1942-1977.

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Object Numbers WRNZNS Branch Badges:

T2009.174.5 – Writer; 2005. – General Duties; QAW 0001 – Officer Steward; T2009.174.4 – Signaller; T2009.173.1 – Radar Plotter; T2009.174.3 – Petty Officer Cook; 2005.1683.1 – Torpedo Maintenance; CSO 0001 – Ofiicer’s Cap Badge; 2007.36.8 – Radio Operator; T2009.176.1 – Pair of New Zealand Shoulder Flashes; T2009.174.6 – Marksman; T2009.175.1 – Good Conduct Chevron.

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