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Meet Lori

What attracted you to working at the Navy Museum?
I’ve worked and volunteered in five other museums around the country at this point, and my favourite aspect of each by far has been our maritime history. When this role came up here, I knew I had to apply!

What do you enjoy most about your role?
I’ve only been here for two weeks, but so far, my new team has been lovely and supportive and a lot of fun.

What do you enjoy least?
Definitely the very large whitetail spider that waltzed its way through the loading dock in my first week here. Not every presence in the building has been welcome!

Name the most unexpected fact you have learnt since taking up your role at the Museum.
I was surprised to find out that part of the Museum is actually built into the hillside. The architectural history of the Museum building itself is every bit as fascinating as the content.

Name your favourite object in the Museum and explain why you chose it.
Having only been here two weeks I have yet to explore all the the Museum has to offer – so my favourite object so far has to be my first cataloguing job. We recently took in fifteen original Inky McNicol ink cartoons, and I catalogued, digitised, and rehoused them as part of the process of bringing new acquisitions into the collection.

What’s the most memorable thing you have done since being at the Museum?

Walking to work along the waterfront at sunrise on my first day was a wonderfully memorable introduction to my new job.

Name the funniest moment since you joined the Museum?
There’s not a lot to choose from so far, so it would have to be trying on and modelling various sizes of coveralls, and all the hilarity that comes with drowning in badly fitting outerwear.

How do you enjoy spending your time outside work?
I’m a hobby contortionist and aerialist, I enjoy crafts such as crochet, knitting, and cross stitch, and I’m an avid gamer (both video and tabletop). I’ve also recently adopted two six-month old kittens named Buffy and Angel, so I spend more time rolling around on the floor than I ever used to!

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