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Mine Stores Q & As

How are you funding the restoration and fit out of the mine stores?

The New Zealand Defence Force are funding the restoration of the mine stores. The Navy Museum has fundraised over $750,000 to go towards the fit out of the mine stores to create two new gallery spaces and a new modern learning space.

Will the mine stores be extended?

No, the mine stores will not be extended, they will remain exactly the same size as they are. The restoration will ensure the character and integrity of the mine stores is retained and protected for future generations to experience and enjoy.

How long will the project take?

The restoration will begin in September 2019, and all work including fit out of the spaces is expected to be completed by October 2020.

What are you creating?

We are creating two new exciting galleries and a modern learning space, within the restored mine stores, whilst maintaining their character and integrity. The two gallery/exhibition spaces will focus on telling the story of the history of the Museum site and the contemporary New Zealand Navy.

When do you expect the mine stores to be open to the public?

We expect to have the galleries and new learning space open to the public in July/August 2020.

What impact will there be for residents living near the Museum?

The Museum team will be working hard to ensure that the impact on our neighbours is minimal. Restoration and construction work will be limited to normal working hours.

How much noise will there be during construction?

There will be some construction noise during normal working hours, however, we will work with the contractors to do our best to minimise this.

Will there be additional construction traffic?

Yes, for a limited period construction related vehicles will need to access the Museum site. However, we do not expect a significant increase in vehicles or any significant disruption for our neighbours.

Will the project affect the Museum and or Torpedo Bay Cafe opening hours?

No, there will be no disruption to the Museum and or Torpedo Bay Cafe. The Museum will continue to open from 10am – 5pm, 7 days a week and the cafe will operate as usual 7 days a week from 8am – 5pm. However, to ensure public safety, at different times during the project we may need to temporarily reduce the number of visitor car parks.

Will we still be able to safely access the Museum site?

Yes, we will work closely with the contractors who are appointed to manage the restoration project, to ensure safe public access onto and around the site is maintained at all times. To ensure public safety some areas may need to be cordoned off temporarily during construction. These areas will be clearly identified and will not affect access to the Museum and or Boatshed.

The Museum site has previously been identified as having archaeological significance. What are you doing to ensure items of archaeological importance are not damaged and or lost during the project?

We are very mindful that this site has huge archaeological significance. This is a key reason why we are embarking on this project to restore the mine stores We want to ensure their future sustainability. To further safeguard the mine stores, an archaeologist has been appointed to monitor all work on the project.

If I have a question about the project who do I contact?

Please contact Jane Cotty Communications Manager, Navy Museum on (09) 446 1824 or