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Otago Offshore Patrol Vessel

Ship Details:

Class: Offshore Patrol Vessel

Displacement: 1900 tones

Dimensions: 85 x 14m

Machinery: 2 x diesel engines 10,800kW = 22 knots

Range: 6000 nautical miles (11,112kms)

Complement: 79 (35 ship’s company, 10 flight personnel, 4 multiagency personnel, 30 additional personnel can be accommodated if required)


1 x 25mm cannon remote controlled from the bridge

Various small arms

Aircraft: 1 x Seasprite SH-2G Helicopter

Ship’s Boats: 2 x 7.3m Zodiac RHIB launched by powered davits

Read more about HMNZS Otago on the RNZN website.

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