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Wellington – Offshore Patrol Vessel

Ship Details:

Class: Lake-class offshore patrol vessel – part of the current RNZN Fleet.

Dimensions: 85 x 14 x 3.6m

Displacement: 1900 tonnes

Range: 6000nm (11,000km) at 12knots

Machinery: Two medium speed diesel engines = max 22knots

Complement: 45 (includes 10 flight crew to operate the Seasprite)

Accommodation for 34 additional personnel (trainees, Govt agencies, NZDF personnel)

Armament: 1 x single mount 25mm Bushmaster gun

2 x .50cal machine-guns

Personal weapons

Aircraft:      1 x SH-2G(NZ) Seasprite helicopter

Read more about HMNZS Wellington on the RNZN website.

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