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About Oral History Collection

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The Oral History Project commenced in 1991 as part of the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Navy.

The oral histories include veterans’ memories from as early as WW1 and include personal stories of naval personnel recently returned from duties in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, East Timor and the Sinai.

Oral history is an important method of collecting unique and personal recollections – historical evidence that might otherwise be lost forever. The recorded and transcribed interviews help to create a fuller understanding of our past. These testimonials provide a unique insight into the naval life of men and women during war and peace.

The recounting of the testimony can be emotional for an interviewee who may never have discussed the details of his or her experiences with anyone before. The Museum takes great responsibility in handling these unlocked memories.

Some of the oral histories in the Museum’s collection are able to be accessed for research purposes to find out more please contact our researcher.

Oral Histories

Oral Histories